Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Parliamentary Dust-up--It's not funny. But it is!!

Hey, I take government as seriously as the next person. They make our laws, they represent our country on an international stage, and their decisions have gravitas that ripple throughout our lives and the lives of our children. None of those small things. They have power to divide or unite people and entire nations, and their actions can even impact the entire planet. Government members are elected to be our individual voices as we navigate this country forward. Having said that...

With regards to yesterday's 'dust-up' in the House of Commons... Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaa!
I cannot stop laughing! The silly antics of 'blocking' the conservative whip from taking his position so generously funded by our tax dollars...You're kidding, right? Our Prime Minister's patented I'm-going-to-solve-this-myself stride across the house...Tee hee! Matching father-son prime-ministerial F-bombs...Cute and classy! Our highest elected official manhandling another member of parliament...Shocking. The 'elbowing' of Ruth-Ellen Brousseau and the cries of 'molestation' and 'assault' from the NDP...So predictable. Tom Mulcair's face...Classic. The 'clearing of the benches' hockey-brawl style...Is this for real? The CBC floundering desperately and with futility to stand behind their man or, at the very least, sweep the whole thing under the rug. Oh CBC, what do I pay you for? Trudeau's initial bumbling attempts at apologizing sounding suspiciously like justifications for his actions. Giggle, giggle. The applause of his shocked liberal MP's, who would surely have crucified anyone else for the same actions, in response to those apologies...Chalk it up to mob mentality? The day-after sober apology delivered with all the contrived seriousness and bravado one would expect from our drama-teacher of a Prime Minister...I'm busting a gut. The cries of 'I told you so' and 'true colours' from Trudeau's critics who have been waiting for this opportunity which he so-very-generously served them on a silver platter with caviar and champagne...I couldn't script this stuff! The irony of Trudeau's government withdrawing M-6 after a time-wasting debacle that can only be blamed on the Prime Minister himself...Poetic justice. This. The culmination of what has been a rocky road paved by amateurs in the House of Commons these past 7 months...Hilarious! Droll! Are there any other words for 'funny?' Ahem. I will collect myself now.

Seriously, ahem, no seriously....

Nope, can't do it...


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